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Marketing For Upholstery

We focus on helping Upholstery and Leather Repair Businesses build stable and efficient businesses while cutting expenses

While you focus on what you do best, providing quality upholstery services for your customers, our services are catered specifically to do what we do best, which is bring you those customers by boosting your online presence. 

Who Is This Best Suited For

Leather Furniture Repair Businesses

Whether you provide in-home repair services or work out of a shop, you count on getting those new requests coming in so you can keep running your Leather repair business.

Upholstery Repair Businesses

Furniture Upholstery businesses can be very competitive. Do you work with vinyl, leather, fabric, or other specialty upholstery? Getting the upper hand by having your online presence up front and center when local customers need you, is one of the key ways to stay stable.

Auto/Marine/Aircraft Upholstery Repair

Vehicle owners, as well as boat and plane owners want their seats repaired by the best and most reputable upholstery specialists. Let us help you get found online by these ideal clients.

Custom & Specialized Upholstery Services

Specialty services, such as custom upholstery jobs, and commercial upholstery gigs don’t pop up as often, but landing those jobs because you were top in the search results can mean everything to an Upholstery business!

Upholstery Marketing


The Difference

Here’s an example of what we were able to do for one of our clients that runs a leather upholstery repair shop. They had not been able to give their dedicated and hardworking shop employees a raise in 10 years and were struggling to pay the bills. On average they were only getting about 3 new requests and referrals per week, none of which were coming in from their website.  After implementing our digital marketing services, we were able to seriously change the future of their business.

Take a look below at the calls and online requests that have been coming in for them since the beginning of 2020. 

By generating over 60 new customer requests, they saw over 150% growth in the number of leads and jobs they got as a result!

Providing All the Tools You Need to Succeed in Your Business


Tried and proven, successful PPC campaigns, highly targeted and focused on getting clients and customers in your immediate service area. This is where many businesses waste major money, but where we shine in helping you get the best results for the least investment.


Optimizing your presence online is one of the most important things you can do for your business. We are the number one team in SEO for Upholstery businesses nationwide!

The top spots on Google get over 80% of all local traffic!


Taking advantage of the ways Facebook Ads can be targeted is key. There are many ways that FB ads can benefit local businesses, and we can guide you through it for growing your Upholstery Business.

In our UPHOLSTERY MARKETING GUIDE, we talk a lot about Search Engine Optimization factors for both on-site and off-site. Working to implement these techniques will tremendously help you reach your goal for ranking in the TOP SPOTS ON PAGE 1 of Search Engines.



Hub Leather Inc.

“This has hands down been the best investment we’ve ever spent in marketing. Our typically slowest months ever have given us a steady stream of jobs.”


Auto Pros of RI.

“Working with a marketing company that actually knows our industry was a smart decision on our part. We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past 6 months!”


Cut Above Upholstery

Best decision I ever made! Working with Linda and her team allowed me to reach my goals within 3 months, and now I’m booked out months in advance!